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IRE ReJuvenater Portable Diesel Engine Charger - U.S. PATENTED 7,471,000

IRE-D 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v Bio-Diesel Portable Battery Charger

U.S. PATENTED 7,471,000

Real Solutions For Your Independent Power Needs

Batteries rely on clean plates, strong electrolytes and the Patented Award Winning ReJuvenater Battery Charger is the best option for maintaining maximum battery life and performance.

The ReJuvenater battery charger is a worry-free system that provides a reliable and efficient back up power alternate to solar or wind turbine systems.

The ReJuvenater battery charger is a stand-alone power system an Ideal technology for independently powered homes, cabins and industrial applications.

Impact Renewable Energy offers a vast variety of custom built gas, propane or bio-diesel engines that is a high-powered battery charger designed to meet your needs in order to charge small, midrange and large battery banks.

Impact Renewable Energy ensures a sustainable balance.


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